Welcome to Kimono Chausson!   

In the first four months of your darling Newborn's life, (s)he does not need to wear shoes but (s)he does need to have warm feet because their  circulatory system is not fully developed, yet.

My baby footwear line is "More Than A Shoe" because  it emphasizes my love of color, also. Since your infant's vision develops in stages, I introduce colors, in a logical manner. Color stimulates your precious baby's visual development. I create these booties in fun colors that they can see by 4 months.

Some of my unconventional color combinations are inspired by modern Scandinavian fashion. French influence is shown, most notably, in the summer collection: mini-espadrilles & ballet slipper style booties. Overall, I concentrate on  simplicity of design, texture, dimension, and color whether it is bold & bright or traditional.   

All pieces are my personal interpretation of an original designer's work. They are hand-knitted by me for newborns to 4-month-olds. Each collection is created to provide a choice for your baby whose feet are either long and slender or small and chubby. I do this with patience and love. My products are made, mostly, with (eco) acrylic yarn because it has many practical advantages for busy young Mothers: it is machine washable, resistant to shrinkage, wool-like, cotton-like, and soft. Lastly, it is perfect for your sweet pea who is allergic to wool. My products are made in a pet-free and smoke-free environment





I was introduced to the Japanese culture in California when I was a teenager. For 5 years, I lived in the Netherlands. For the next 21 years, our family resided in Geneva, Switzerland. There, I had the opportunity to study Child Development and to travel leisurely throughout Europe and to observe, up close, the cultures of its countries. It was during this period that I developed my appreciation, especially, for the art and beauty of the French and Scandinavian cultures, too.

I am a retired grandmother who has a passion for handmade items. I had to find an activity to inspire and motivate me at this time in my life. Retirement has given me the time and opportunity to establish a business selling my handmade creations.

I have had a longtime love affair with fiber art and textiles. I express this enthusiasm in quilting, knitting, and crochet. Through these 3 channels, I combine the minimalist Japanese aesthetic with attention to detail to make my work appealing, cozy, and unique.